Welcome to Attercliffe!

You might be New Writers Photowondering about the welcome to Attercliffe. Well, for a start, it’s my birthplace. And the image in the header above is a depiction of 1950s Attercliffe; Newhall Bridge to be exact. Painted by the Sheffield artist Mick Rick. Attercliffe is in what was the industrial east-end of Sheffield, and I was born immediately beside Newhall Bridge. In fact I was delivered into this world in the house next door to the pub in Mick’s painting. Being born nearly in a pub, and virtually beside the River Don established a pattern in my life, really. I’ve always had a ‘thing’ about the Don, and I have always enjoyed a drink or two! You can read more about my early life in Attercliffe if you go to my ‘Biography’ page within this site. Since you’ve taken the trouble to have a look at who, and what I am, I hope, as this site develops, and through my associated blog, that you will find something interesting enough to recall who I am if ever you should hear my name mentioned!

Just so that you know; I’m a writer. Not a well known writer, at the moment, but everyone has to start somewhere. After spending too long as an engineer I decided to end it all (my engineering career, that is!), and entered university to study English Literature with Creative Writing. I graduated last year, and I’m currently doing a post graduate course that allows me to write almost full-time. Much of my writing is based in Sheffield, and Attercliffe figures large, particularly in several of my short stories. I like to imagine Attercliffe as the teeming ‘city within a city’ that it was until the 1960s when large swathes of it were flattened in the slum clearances. I ignore the failure of the cloddish city planners who instead let Attercliffe become a ‘desert within a city’, and base many of my stories in an imaginary Attercliffe that was allowed to redevelop into a clean, modern and interesting place to live, while retaining the best of the old buildings, and most importantly, the unique social qualities of Attercliffe before the council raised it to the ground. I plan to publish a couple of these stories in the ‘Writer’s Page’ on this site. So, please visit again; you’re more than welcome!



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